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The British Columbia Seed Company is America's Top Seed Bank for 2022. We're an experienced and trusted USA and Canadian Seed Company that provides reliable stealth delivery of BC cannabis seeds worldwide.

BC Has The Best Marijuana Breeders

British Columbia has the best cannabis seed breeders in the world because it's in our blood. We live and breed cannabis because BC has the best climate in the world for seed production, not bud production. The raining humid harvest season often destroy good bud and turn them to a moody nightmare. But seed production is not affected, it thrives in the British Columbia climate. All these pieces bring the best cannabis gene pool directly to you. Please visit our Seed Store and find the perfect strains that are right for you.

Top Customer Support

When you buy your premium grade marijuana seeds from the British Columbia Seed Company, you get a guarantee. We stand behind our seeds and our quality. If you ever have anything you need to say, you can contact us anytime using this support form.

Popular British Columbian Cannabis Strains

Why You Should Choose the BCSC

You should always buy your American weed seeds from the British Columbia Seed Company because we have the best BC Strains with the best prices for premium grade BC Seeds. We also stand behind what we sell and we have over a decade of experience serving our thousands of amazing customers. Our customer retention is so high because we treat you right and we get your order packed stealth and shipped right away. So act now, buy some excellent strains and save a boat load of cash on our combo packs. We have amazing deals on so many strains right now, there is a deal of a lifetime for a perfect strain you need. So visit the seed shop, find some great bargains and become the talk of your group by growing you own top grade American weed.

The British Columbia Seed Company